Donnerstag 20:00 h


Hard & Heavy
DEZAZTRE NATURAL play crossover thrashmetal with antifascist vibes. They've been formed in 2008 and their influences range from Tankard over D.R.I. and Toxic Holocaust to Suicidal Tendencies. Their extensive live-experience make them ready to destroy Europe in july, are you ready?
TYSON bringen auf die Bretter, was der gute, alte Iron Mike längst vermissen lässt – verbissene Attacken auf das Ohr!
Das Melodic Thrash Metal-Quartett aus Kiel variiert solides Metal-Sparring und schnelle Kombinationen mit unwiderstehlichen Aufwärtshaken im Refrain. Mit ihrem eigenen Sound kontrollieren TYSON jeden Innenfight.
Donnerstag 20:00 h


Hard & Heavy
Pesto released its first EP "Palate Of Pleasure" in 2019 and achieved good national and international recognition, with the 06 track (including a bonus) studio work being released in Brazil and Sweden and also being nominated to the best albums of the year by Roadie Crew magazine.
We just finished recording our first full-length album "Anthropophagist Cookbook" that will be released in early 2022.
As a live band we present an energetic show, with a theatrical stage to create the right mood for our music. We played in big festivals in Brazil being them live or online (during the pandemic).
We also like to add a little bit of our sense of humor in our lyrics so don't miss out our Extreme Brutal Fucking Intelligent Cute Metal.
Line Up:
Diego Firmo: Guitar/ Vocals
Diego Andrade: Bass / Backing Vocals
Marcio Barbosa: Drums
Enjoy the Pesto and don´t stay hungry!
Divide is Kiel's Two-Man-DeathMetal bulldozer. The mix of old-school death with thrash- and blackmetal influences combined with an intense live experience makes this combo a must see!