Montag 20:00 h

Young Mountain + Wlots

Young Mountain as an idea spawned thanks to a growing weariness of the local music scene in Gothenburg, Sweden around 2012. The collective wanted to break free from the trend seeking and hollow ideals of the time and in its place create something with a more thought-provoking nature. In a cramped bunker esque basement on the island of Hisingen, they planted that seed.
Wlots is a Swedish screamo / skramz band referencing all your favorite pioneers in the genre from Saetia to Hot Cross, as well as the more recent revivalist bands like Suis La Lune, Record Setter, and even Touché Amoré. Based on that definition, you should know what to expect: crackling screams that sound like the microphone is about to disintegrate from the sheer violence of their vocalist's razor-sharp delivery, breakneck speed tempo that borders powerviolence.