Samstag 20:00 h

Szene Putzn + Rolltreppe

Szene Putzn + Rolltreppe: 2x Postpunk/Wave/Synth aus Wien in der Schaubude! Nicht verpassen!
Szene Putzn:
Super-Sexy-Synthi-DIY-Trash-Punk, straight in your Face! Attaque!!
At the first listen you might just scratch the surface of these sometimes surprisingly diverse songs, as you go deeper into layer after layer with every spin of it. And then, just when you thought you know it all, another tempo-change or breakdown hits you in the neck and captures your attention once again.
This is going to be huge, you know, so tell everybody about this, about how good this is and how early you got to know this band called ROLLTREPPE.