Montag 20:00 h

Deez Nuts

Hardcore/Punk from Melbourne, Australia.
From party songs like the already released singles “Band Of Brothers” and “Shot After Shot”, to anthems inspired by a life of living your own dreams in “Keep On” and the previously quoted “Live Your Life” and even some skits and public service announcements friends inside the now massive Deez Nuts family – all of it makes up an album that is set to go down as one of the coolest hardcore records of the modern era.
And in case you were wondering what they think if you disagree, here is some words directed to the haters.

“So kill the bitchin and listen, you cant you deny that we’re on fire. If your rebuttal is muddled, its cause my IQ is higher. Be lying if i said i gave fuck regardless, for every 1 that hates 100 adore us, we are unfuckwithable!”